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I’m not happy with my last post at all. I want to edit it and make it more relevant. It’s rambling and a lot of it is redundant information. *reminds self that it is never going to be perfect* Something in me wants to ensure that what I write here is as good as I can make it, even though I know it’s not really going to be read by an audience. I may be writing for myself, but I’m probably the harshest audience I could have. I hate my perfectionist-self sometimes.

I have so much to do today and I keep procrastinating and don’t have any concentration. It’s so frustrating! I keep trying to make myself snap out of it, but we all know what good that does. I wish my other half would learn that chores take three times the usual time at the moment and it’s no good having a go at me for procrastinating and not getting them done. ARGH!! I feel under pressure to get them done on time and that makes me stressed. No wonder I felt so bad when I was at work if I can’t even deal with hoovering and cleaning. Mind you, I enjoy my job. I hate cleaning.

Anyway, I’m behind schedule as it is. *must tear self away from laptop*. I really am an internet addict.

Have a fantastic few days everyone. I will return on Monday. No doubt covered in mud, completely exhausted and on a come-down from the festival. Something to look forward to then.

Written by intothesystem

Tuesday, 24th June 2008 at 3:24 pm

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  1. I think your last post was very well written, but if you are not happy with it there is an edit button for a reason, what you publish you should be pleased with becaused it has your name on it and it represents pasrt of your story. But it doesnt have to be perfect, its better to have lots of things with a few flaws than nothing at all. Keep writing, Hannah X
    ps. how did the festival go?


    Tuesday, 1st July 2008 at 12:10 pm

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