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I am sure most of you have already done this, but I really do think that everyone should listen to this. It is a fantastic insight into life with this awful illness and hit home with me in far too many ways. I know I’ve read most of what made it into the final play before, but it was strange to actually hear a condensed version on the radio. It made me both laugh and cry (mainly cry!), but after all, I am a manic depressive. Seaneen said it would!

I really hope this play will see more people entering the madosphere and reading some of the talented writing that is hidden in our little corner of the internet. I’m sure any one of my blogroll (which for some reason seems to have disappeared lately.. crap! EDIT: Fixed) could have been turned into a masterpiece in a similar way to Seaneen’s blog, but her blog remains one of the most popular and it is so for a reason. Her writing is fantastic and she has been doing this a lot longer than most of us.

As for me…

I’m still not feeling very well and struggling with things. Seaneen‘s play took lots of pausing and relistening to make it through due to concentration issues. I had my blood tests done earlier today. Aside from that, I’ve basically been sat on the sofa trying to do stuff, but unable to concentrate much. It’s not much use. I don’t feel much use in general. I hate how much of a failure I feel at the moment. I hate how physically ill I feel at the moment. I hate everything.

Written by intothesystem

Monday, 11th May 2009 at 6:00 pm

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