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I’ve been taking Reboxetine for a couple of months now. I started on a stupidly low dose and even with that I started to struggle with side effects. It has been increased a couple of times now and the side effects are a nightmare… BUT I THINK IT IS WORKING!

Reboxetine is meant to be taken in divided doses; 4mg morning, 4 mg at night, but I haven’t even got that far yet because of the side effects. One of the biggest problems is insomnia. I started on 2mg in the morning which wasn’t so bad, but then they needed to add the night time dose and that pretty much stopped me sleeping at all. I couldn’t even tolerate taking 2mg at night without it keeping me awake. So they decided to move the full 4mg dose to the morning, which was a little better. I still wasn’t sleeping very well (around 4 hours a night), but it didn’t seem to make things much worse than normal.

The dose was increased though about 3 weeks ago and we now have a problem. I can’t really take a larger dose all at once because Reboxetine has a fairly short half life and wears off pretty quickly. It was suggested I took 4mg in the morning and 2mg at lunchtime. The problem with the lunchtime dose is I often forget. If I’m out and about I don’t normally remember to take it with me or even if I’m home I keep telling myself I’ll go take it and never do. If I end up taking it mid-afternoon or evening I have a nightmare trying to get to sleep. If I take it late at night I usually get to sleep initially, but wake up an hour or two later and spend the rest of the night awake. Even if I take it at the right time I still have a problem sleeping. The only time I seem to be able to sleep properly is around 7am-10am in the morning when the meds have worn off, when ideally I should be getting up. I am struggling with the lack of sleep and I’m pretty sure it isn’t helping ease my headaches.

Aside from the insomnia there is a plethora of other side effects to contend with:

Sweats are a big problem and at times I get so hot I seem to start shaking or I feel faint and dizzy. This happens even when it is really cold outside and I’m wearing short sleeves. I must look ridiculous going around in short sleeves when everyone else is wrapped up in coats and scarves. I end up carrying my coat around everywhere because I can’t bear to wear it, but that means I get wet!

The Reboxetine has killed my appetite too. At the moment it is not unusual for me to eat nothing all day, for my bloke to cook me dinner and for me to eat half of it and then give up. The only thing I seem to want to eat is sugar. Everything else makes me feel sick, especially chicken for some reason. I don’t know if that has something to do with the fact I spent a weekend throwing up a couple weeks ago and one of the things I’d eaten was a chicken slice, but it’s a little annoying. I’m fed up of the nausea. It does have an upside though. I have lost a bit of weight over the past couple of weeks, although I’m sure if I wasn’t just eating sweet things then I probably would have lost more. I may be eating less than normal, but I think I probably eat healthier than this usually.

I am still getting the occasional attack of upper abdomen/chest pain too. It was assumed this was down to acid reflux and it does seem to have eased off over the past couple of weeks, so maybe the omeprazole has helped on that front. I just hope it doesn’t get worse now that I’ve completed the course of meds.

Add the common medication annoyances of constipation and dry mouth to the list and you have a pretty comprehensive list of side effects. The stuff is making me feel pretty rubbish, on the physical side at least.

The side effects do seem to ease off a little when my body has had a chance to get used to the dose, but it is really not fun in the meantime. Dr M is pretty concerned about the side effects too. She has been reluctant to increase the dose each time I’ve seen her, although she knows she needs to. I’m not even on the recommended dose yet (4mg b.d.) and she thinks I will probably need a high dose eventually, so that means I’ve got a few more of these increases to tolerate. I hope that by persevering the worst will pass, but I know that every time the dose is increased again, all the nasty side effects will be back worse than ever. I don’t know if I can handle it getting any worse. I almost wonder if she should just stick the dose up to full strength and see what happens. I think I’d rather feel absolutely dreadful for a couple of weeks, rather than pretty rubbish for a couple of months. I just don’t know if I’d tolerate it or not.

Dr M even seems to be considering taking me off the Reboxetine because of the side effects, but I am loathe to give up on it yet. I can feel it improving my mood and that is a big thing for me. It is the only antidepressant to have done that without sending me completely doolally. I have tried so many different antidepressants and other medications that I had kinda given up on the idea that I’d ever find something to lift my mood. This has changed that. I now have some hope that medication may eventually help me.

I hate though that I find something that may actually help my mind and my sodding body won’t tolerate it. If I find something my body can tolerate, it does nothing for my mind. Why can’t I have both? There must be some meds out there that will work and not make me feel ill?

So, yes. The side effects may be doom and gloom, but I do think it is working. My concentration is improving and I feel able to do more. I don’t actually mind getting up in the morning now. I may be knackered from the lack of sleep, but at least when I wake up I am not filled with this absolute dread of facing another day. It may sound clichéd, but I feel a little lighter. I don’t feel like I am being crushed by this overwhelming sadness any more. Things are by no means fixed, but they are definitely better than they were.

The intrusive thoughts are less and have changed too. I sadly can’t report that the suicidal thoughts are completely gone, but they are different and less often. Before, I had reached a point where I was absolutely certain that death was the only sensible option. It was all that I could think about and it didn’t matter what I was doing or how busy I was, it would be in my mind and it was the ultimate goal. I wanted to die and I spent all day thinking about how I was going to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I am not certain any more though. I still find life and the future pretty hard to comprehend, but I don’t see suicide as inevitable now. I am still struggling to resist the urge to just give up on everything, but I haven’t already given up. The thoughts are mainly impulsive ones now, rather than the pervasive ones that were there before. Generally, the thoughts are kept at bay when I am busy and they only really hit me when I am anxious or upset, or at night when I am struggling to sleep and have time to think. I am keeping myself busy to push the thoughts back, but I can’t do that forever.

When I do stop to think, I am scared. I am scared that it won’t take much to push me back down the slope. What if I have to stop taking the Reboxetine because of the side effects? Will I get worse again? What if I don’t keep getting better? Will I give up again in frustration? What if I just give in to the impulsive thoughts that linger? What if, what if, what if?

I am scared by the thought of recovery. I am frightened by the future. I have spent so long assuming there is no future, it is impossible to know what to do with one. I don’t know how to live my life if I actually get it back. Dr M and New Social Worker ask me what I want to happen in a month, 6 months, a year’s time and I have no idea. I have no real aspirations because I have given up on them all.

I wrote about wanting to go back to work, but I am not sure I can actually do it. It is too hard to comprehend. I have been off for so long I don’t know if I can remember what it is like to work. Illness, ECT and medication have all messed with my brain and I don’t even know if it functions enough for me to work anymore. I feel so stupid and slow these days.

I am worried that I am not strong enough to recover. I am scared of therapy. I worry that it will make me so much worse in the short term that I won’t be able to cope. I don’t even know what it is meant to achieve. If my mood is improving with the medication, maybe it is more down to chemicals than Dr M is willing to admit? I know there are other problems, but I don’t know how therapy is going to help. I don’t even know if or when it will ever happen. I’ve been waiting so long it is pretty hard to imagine ever coming to the top of the list!

I feel like a coward. It seems so much easier to just give into the suicidal thoughts even now. I know things are improving, but I am too scared of what lies ahead. I have got so used to the idea of suicide that it is almost comforting. It is strange. Suicide is a coping method, as much as a get out clause.

I know I just have to face it. I know I need to stop worrying and thinking about it, but I can’t help it. I guess everyone facing the idea of recovery has these thoughts. I have been trying to ignore them, but they have been niggling away at me.

I have to fight these thoughts. They fuel the negative and intrusive thoughts that linger. I am trying.

Written by intothesystem

Thursday, 1st April 2010 at 9:25 pm

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  1. I’m so, so glad you feel it’s working. Sadly, the side effects are like the issue Em had. I can see where you are coming from – if it’s working stick with it, but remember your body! X


    Thursday, 1st April 2010 at 9:56 pm

    • Aye I know. I am trying to take solace in the fact that Em’s problems do seem to have eased and her mood is still pretty good.

      I shall see what happens. Psych a week tomorrow.


      Wednesday, 7th April 2010 at 2:25 pm

  2. Pleased that you are feeling a little better mentally. Really sorry the physical side effects are so horrible and hard.

    I don’t know if it helps at all, but I am struggling with the fact that I am scared when I think of recovering. It has helped me to read your words and to know that I am not the only one to feel like this. I echo your words ‘I don’t know how to live my life if I actually get it back.’ But just the last few days, I have actually caught myself thinking that when (‘if’ may still be more accurate) I am better I want to go for a walk in a park or in the countryside. This is progress. I have not had a thought like this for so long. It seems like, just very very gradually things are changing for the better, but it is taking a long time. But then if it happened quickly, I do not think that I could cope with it.

    I hope that what I’ve said might help you in some small way. I’m thinking of you, and hoping that gradually bit by bit things will continue to change for the better.

    Forever Learning

    Thursday, 1st April 2010 at 11:00 pm

    • Thanks. It does help that I know my thoughts are fairly normal. When you have been so depressed for so long, it is very hard to imagine things being anything else. I occasionally have thoughts about things that might happen in the future, but I catch myself too. I am still stuck in the mindset where I think “Why am I even considering this? I won’t be around for it to happen”. I think those thoughts are getting less intense though.

      I know what you mean about if it happened quickly. I actually think for me it is happening a little too quickly. I was in hospital 3 months ago, desperately suicidally depressed and now things are a lot better. I find that a little hard to believe.



      Wednesday, 7th April 2010 at 2:30 pm

  3. There is a plus and downside… but I am glad that something is working for you, that’s a good thing! I hope things continue to improve for you! x


    Tuesday, 6th April 2010 at 5:37 pm

  4. I completely understand your experiences with the side effects, but wanted to write my experience in case someone similar to myself stumbles here looking for info. This is the first antidepressant I have tried. I refused SSRI’s and although probably classifiable as clinically depressed, I believe this stems more from a recent grief/trauma experience.
    I’m surprised this drug is initially prescribed at 4mg twice daily as it seems to have quite notable initial effects. I started with 2mg around lunch time, followed by 2mg the following morning and 2 mg around 2pm initially. It works wonders for motivation and concentration, which inadvertently assists mood. Personally, the fact it doesn’t bombard mood is actually a positive aspect of this drug. Personally, I’d say, start low (2mg, even 1mg twice daily) and slow. Let your body adjust and don’t expect too much mood alteration. More like a little pick up to help you through the day whilst also giving you the freedom to tackle the roots of mood. I think there needs to be more recognition that depression is a myriad of states and must be addressed accordingly. I just wanted to put this up for anyone who might see similarities and is confused as to which option to take. SSRI’s seem to be a GP’s first line of action, though they may not be suitable in assisting an individuals major concerns be they mood, energy, motivation or a host of other factors.


    Friday, 11th June 2010 at 4:11 pm

    • I think you are definitely right about the dosage. I’ve still not gone above 6mg! My consultant said she always starts on a 2mg dose (1mg would be hard because the tablets only come in 4mg form). I started on 2mg in the morning. Then increased to 2mg morning and evening, which was moved forward in the day when it became apparent how badly it affected my sleep, first to lunchtime and then to morning, meaning I was taking 4mg in the morning. We then added an extra 2mg, so I’m taking 6mg first thing now. We have discussed raising it further, but for the time being my consultant wants to see if I can manage on the lower dose.


      Friday, 11th June 2010 at 6:40 pm

  5. Hi,

    i understand completely where you are coming from with teh side effects of this drug. I was esc-citralipram, then moved onto mirtazapine, then had it upped to 45mg. a combination of these not working and side effects causing further depression by doc put me on Reboxitine. I started straight away, straight from taking 45 mirt to taking 8mg a day (two doses of 4mg a day). the first day I felt so sick I can’t describe, i hid under a cover on my couch for 4 hours before i could move. A few months on and i’m staring to tolorate teh side effects. the main thing you need to do is start taking them a the correct times, that means training yourself to take the first one really early, say 8 or 9, then taking the next at lunch. Even if you you need to set an alarm, trust me it makes a huge difference with sleeping at night. Yuo’ll stilll not sleep as much as before and will still wake up early bt will have less of the frustrating feeling and get less agitated when you first go to bed. a side effect to depression is a want to sleep all the time so i found my gage on how much sleep i should be having and what i was used to was huge, however that doesn’t take a way from the fact these pills do cause insomnia. its just perhaps the perseption that makes it seem worse. I’m lucky in that i work so i can see the benifits more, as i know tht i don’t wake up dreading the thoaght of leaving my house and speaking to other people. but i think that if you stick with them you’ll start to see more of the benifits, and maybe start to enjoy life more.

    hope this helps


    Wednesday, 14th July 2010 at 3:18 pm

  6. Hi,

    Came to your post as am about to start reboxetine myself having had to give up on 3 different SSRIs (well, one is technically a multiple-reuptake inhibitor, depending on who you ask!) as side effects were unbearable.

    I’m about to get it tomorrow. I have a history of responding to unusually low doses of meds so will actually be starting on half a tablet a day!

    Regarding the side effects, I was reading that some of these are down to anticholinergic effect of reboxetine.

    I was wondering if your doctor had suggested taking something to address this like taking choline supplements or trying piracetam? I should point out I have ZERO medical quallifications and I only suggest this because it was something I was researching myself in relation to a previous unrelated issue and I certainly plan to take my piracetam when I start the reboxetine (and my Dr knows about the piracetam I take).

    It might not work or be right for you, I don’t know, but just thought I’d suggest it if you were interested and wanted to discuss it with your doctor.

    All the best,



    Thursday, 22nd July 2010 at 5:07 pm

    • i am on 6mg of reboxitine upping again end of week,i have,nt noted much change in mood,apart from anger coming from nowhere.have had no side effects apart fron being really cold,and numb, tingling legs?may need to use with a mood stabilizer.


      Monday, 2nd August 2010 at 8:07 am

  7. I have just started taking reboxetine & was looking for information when I found this. I really understand what you are saying about suicide, how it has changed meaning to you – tbh you put into words something which I couldn’t explain.
    Keep going at whatever you think is best for you – you know your own body, what you can tolerate, and what you would sacrifice in order to achieve the elusive status of ‘mental health’. Good luck, don’t give up x


    Thursday, 29th July 2010 at 1:40 pm

  8. Hi all,
    I have just started taking Reboxetine after coming off Citalopram. I find the side-effects of rebox unbearable… it’s all list here somewhere – sleeplessness, sweating, headaches and so on.

    I was taken off Citalopram because my doc said I needed something stronger. She gave me Mirtazapine but when I pointed out that the major side effect is weight gain, which I didn’t want she just threw the pack away and wrote out a new script.

    The way things are with rebox I am feeling I just want to stop and I know I can’t but I do know I have to find something else soon.

    Has anybody found a better alternative to reboxetine?

    It’s nice to know we are not the only ones…

    Ian Williams

    Thursday, 4th November 2010 at 4:50 pm

    • The side effects of Reboxetine are truly awful. It’s a shame, because for me it is working, but I am struggling to live with it and I keep toying with the idea of coming off it. I don’t think I can though because the mental benefit has been immense. I have felt relatively well for the first time in two years.

      I am surprised you have recently switched to Reboxetine, as there has recently been a lot of publicity about the fact it doesn’t work. I would have thought most doctors would be unsure whether to prescribe it at the moment. The BMJ recently published the findings of a German study that looked into failed clinical trials. The drug company who created the drug (I think it was pfizer) buried some studies which “proves” that Reboxetine doesn’t work and that it can be “potentially harmful”. Now it is not unusual for there to be failed clinical trials which are not published, but Reboxetine was highlighted as particularly bad case. Now, for me it has definitely given a benefit, so even a trial proving it doesn’t work doesn’t mean it won’t help you, but the “potentially harmful” thing is concerning.

      So an alternative? I don’t know. Mirtazapine is about the “closest” thing to Reboxetine in the UK, but yes weight gain can be a problem. Buproprion is popular in the US, but isn’t licensed here. Have you been on any of the SNRIs? Venlafaxine or Duloxetine? Venlafaxine can be very good, but withdrawal effects can be truly awful. I didn’t experience any troubling side effects when I was on it though, but it didn’t help my mood much. It is considered a “stronger” drug that Citalopram.

      I think there is no one given “better alternative”. What works for one person, doesn’t for another. What side effects you get, depends on you and what you are taking with it. The only way to find the one for you, is to keep trying different things and hope you hit upon it. It is an awful, awful thing to have to go through, but it is all we can do. It can take years to find your drug. Others get it first time. Fingers crossed you find it! I hope you do find something that works!


      Thursday, 4th November 2010 at 5:25 pm

      • My experience with Reboxetine – I’m on 8mg a day – makes me wonder if I should have gone with the Mirtazapine in the first place and just try to manage the weight gain.

        I have managed to lose 16lbs in the last 12 months without trying too hard and I would hate to see it all come back.

        Coming off the Citalopram (40mg per day) was a huge roller coaster ride which mostly I could cope with. However, there was one day when I knew I was going to crash my car into parked cars by the side of the road. Not sure what it was the came up on me but it happened suddenly as was v. scary. I managed to control that situation by pulling over and waiting for a while until I got back in control. I wonder if coming off Reboxetine will have the same effect?

        One thing that I found strange when I told my doctor about the driving episode she told me it happened to her all the time! I am wondering if I am talking to the right doctor at times.

        Ian Williams

        Thursday, 4th November 2010 at 6:10 pm

      • Thanks very much for your reply. Today I decided to cut down to 4mg per day with a view to coming of Reboxatine altogether by next week. Then I shall give Mirtazapine a go and try and manage the weight gain side of things.


        Ian Williams

        Friday, 5th November 2010 at 3:53 pm

        • Good luck with that. I hope the withdrawals aren’t too painful. Just accidentally missing one dose of the Reboxetine makes me feel truly awful physically and mentally, so I dread to think what it is like cutting it down completely.

          I hope the Mirtazapine helps you and you do manage with the weight gain. At the end of the day I’d rather be fat and happy than slim and depressed. I think you need to “weigh” up what is more important for you. See how you get on – you may be a lucky one that doesn’t gain!

          Good luck and take care. x


          Monday, 8th November 2010 at 4:56 pm

          • I have been free of Reboxetine for 2 days now and it is quite difficult but I am getting through it. Sometimes I am speedy and sometimes I am forgetful – on Friday I went to the cash machine and withdrew some money but 30 seconds later I couldn’t remember where it was – I lost it!

            I also checked another posting of yours which I thought provided a great insight and it was touching… and helpful. I have left a comment.

            You take care too

            Ian Williams

            Tuesday, 9th November 2010 at 9:42 am

  9. Hello. I recently started on Reboxetine, 2mg in the morning and 2mg around 3pm. I totally understand your problems with side effects; the sickness, shakes and sleeplessness. My dosage increases after xmas and I’m really anxious about it. You take care, I’m pleased I found your article
    Regards, Pete


    Friday, 10th December 2010 at 12:57 am

  10. Hi read all your articles. i got bad side effects to Sweating, Sleepless nights and Hard to wee.To me i feel it a small price to pay to stop me thinking of suicide and stop self harm all the time.Good luck to you all.x


    Tuesday, 18th January 2011 at 8:25 pm

  11. Hi all,
    I’ve just been back to my GP after 3 weeks on Reboxetine 4mg x 2 per day, the side effects have beat me! Dry mouth, chills, sweating, pins n needles and now Vertigo….not worth feeling this bad, have gone back on Fluexotine after 14 years of positive use….feeling this C**p is only doing my mental health no good….there are many more tabs out there to try, and to be honest they did not improve my mental and emotional feelings, keep trying others until you find one that suits you.

    Mad Gill

    Wednesday, 19th January 2011 at 8:11 pm

  12. Hi. How terrible is it that I say it’s a comfort to hear that I’m not the only person in the world who feels so mentally distressed and no point in life? 6 years now, and after a series of different prescribed drugs and therapy I actually feel worse! Have just been taken off Duloxetine after 2 years because they actually did nothing whatsoever. Then ….. just as I thought I had been given the ‘wonder drug’ I see all your comments. I’ve been on a 4mg twice a day for just 2 days: no sleep, no control over temperature at night, constant crying, don’t care about food, chronic anxiety, self-loathing and suicidal thoughts at night. And that’s 2 days! PLEASE – is there anyone who has been able to tolerate this drug AND feel they are getting better? I feel this is really the last shot for me. I can’t bear another year of feeling this way. If it doesn’t work then I seriously feel I may as well ‘check out’. This isn’t life. And I used to be one of the happiest people you’d ever meet. Please, someone reply to me.


    Thursday, 5th May 2011 at 1:02 pm

  13. Pam… my name is Lucy, I’ve been dealing with BP for 5 years and my one peice of advice is this: there is a drug out there that works. You just need to find the one that agrees with you and things start to just get a little bit easier.

    My first wonder drug was a ridiculously high dose of Sertraline, but Reboxetine is the only other drug which has had a positive clinical impact on me.
    The first few days / weeks are horrible because you just feel panicky and restless and scared that this will never end. That’s just your brain adjusting to the increase in intracellular noradrenaline. For most people, myself included, the effects diminish over weeks and then maybe reboxetine will help you begin to feel like a person, someone who is alive again.

    The reboxetine was a nightmare at first for me – until I experimented with my doseages and found that 4 or 5mg a day is best for me, with any higher than that actually making me more depressed. This type of drug is noradrenic and therefore tend to be more successful with symptoms like excessive sleeping, no energy, no motivation and slowed physical movements / slowed thoughts, can’t think.

    Make sure you eat… it becomes easy to forget and after a while hunger doesn’t affect you. Make yourself eat, at least once a day. The reboxetine could make your lack of appetite worse so it’s important to literally remind yourself.

    I know this sounds corny and trite, but you will not always feel this way… and until you feel better you just need to try and take literally one second at a time. I’m still suicidal and many times feel like I can’t cope – not only that but I don’t want to.

    But somehow we make it through.. no idea *how* but we do.

    Take care, I wish you solidarity and strength x x x x lou

    P.S. If you have the luxury, a good psychiatrist (or at least a doctor) is essential. Otherwise, read as much as you can around the topic so you can at least begin to understand what is going on.


    Friday, 6th May 2011 at 1:06 am

  14. I to have taken this drug, butfor me it forms part of a cocktail, I take 12mgs in the morning with venlefaxine and lorazepam, I also take 600mgs of Lithium at night. I have a fantastic pscologist who has been far more help than any Dr or Psyciatrist . I have decided that I want to try life without meds though as I have tried many over the last 8 years. The effects or rather side effects of Raboxatine do improve and lessen so do try and continue for a while longer,my worry now is what the effects of coming off of all this medication will be, but I am adiment I want to try.

    Good luck everyone


    Saturday, 27th August 2011 at 8:51 pm

  15. I know this thread is quite old now, but I thought I would give you guys a different perspective of my experience with Reboxetine and maybe hear some follow up’s from people who have already posted?

    In 5 years I have seen 7-8 different psychiatrists and medical doctors who specialise in depression and mental health. I have also been on many different meds. Fluozetine, Citalopram, Dosulepiin, Mirtazapine, Effexor and Reboxetine, sometimes a combination of 2 at a time. Nothing ever worked for me, until I tried Reboxetine.

    Mirtazapine helped me sleep (insomnia was a big problem for me) for the first 6 months or so but it made me so ridiculously sleepy throughout the day, it became unbearable. After trying reboxetine for a few weeks years before, I had given up on it pretty quickly because of the side effects, primarily always feeling so bloated and constipated! But after a long talk with my doctor I decided to give it a go again.

    This turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in regards to dealing with my depression. OK, yes, the side effects are a pain in the backside… but I have so much more energy, I have lost weight, I feel content… YES after 5 years of deep suicidal depression, I feel content… I feel normal.

    The studies that have come out over the past few years are grim to say the least, but I have my own theory. I believe for people who have genuinely exhausted every other line of medication, SSRI’s, TRI’s and so on, Reboxetine is a real life line. I think the numbers of people it can help are small, very small… But NRI’s are for the damned few, where no other medication seems to work, they get through. They act on a different part of the brain to most AD’s and this triggers unpleasant side effects, but to feel human again, it’s worth it. Take stugeron for the dizziness, take senna for the constipation, you CAN counteract them!

    So, I think that for those of us who have tried everything else, NRI’s could hold the answer. This is why reboxetine is a 3rd or 4th line medication, because it has no decent effect on most people with common threads of depression, but as I say, for a tiny minority they open up a whole new world.


    Thursday, 19th January 2012 at 6:50 pm

    • Abi – completely agree! In fact I basically had exactly the same conversation with my psychiatrist today.

      She says that she is continually told Reboxetine doesn’t work, you shouldn’t use it, all the studies say it doesn’t work and is potentially harmful etc.., but she knows from clinical practice that for some it is the one drug that works and she keeps sticking up for it.

      The side effects are bloody hard to tolerate, but if you keep reading my blog you will also see that it really did work for me and I now completely agree that to feel human it is worth the nasty side effects.

      I was even feeling well enough to drop it back down to 6mg over the summer, but unfortunately winter has seen me relapse a little and it’s back up at 8mg now and still not quite doing enough.

      I’m still a million miles away from where I was 2 years ago before Reboxetine though. From suicide attempts and hospital to working almost 30hrs a week in my old job. It’s well worth it.


      Thursday, 19th January 2012 at 7:44 pm

  16. Start again, leaving the life story out! Currently for my clinical depression I take. Diazepam, 3 @20mg per day. Citalopram 1 @ 40mg. Tramadol 4 @ 50 mg. Statins 1 @ 20mg. Felopodine 1 @ 5mg. Co-Codamol 4 per day 8/500mg. Starting today 19.09.12 8mg Reboxetine. Drug of my choice was booze and ciggies, 20 plus per day. 9 years ago gave them both upon the same day. An obvious alcoholic, there is no going back and dont want to. Ciggies were just very bad for health. Things have changed dramatically for the better as no booze involved, however I am left with the isms, hence the cocktail of drugs I take. My ideal choice is tradadol and diazepam but because of the Doctors and Consultant Psychiatrists being scared of being sued, they wont give me the 4 per day of diazepam and 5 per day of tramadol. I drank 2/3 btls of strong red wine per day for 25 years plus 20 plus fags per day, Some people have iron constitutions of which I am one. I am reading with great interest about the side effects of Reboxetine, with a certain amount of fear and trepadation, anyone out there in the same boat? Good luck to all. Bill

    William J. James

    Wednesday, 19th September 2012 at 1:09 am

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