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My Story

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My blog tells the story of my mental illness. Diagnosis, Treatment, Hospitalisation, Suicide… It’s all here.

This page tells my story, highlighting the key posts from my blog. It’s the place to start if you don’t want to start digging in my archives for more information.

June 2008

Writing is therapy… – My First Post.

Entering the system… – GP appointment, referral to PCMHT, being signed off work.

Since Thursday 13th March… – Events leading up to my GP appointment. Family bereavement, counselling with DP, occupational health.

After the doctors… – Telling my partner.

July 2008

Work, work, work: Life before March… – Work life, Mood and my perception of “Normal”.

Work, work, work: Life before sign-off… – Work life whilst ill, relationship with my manager.

Work, work, work: But not at work… – Work and being signed off.

Return to the GP… and a return to work? – First prescription for Fluoxetine.

August 2008

My last post… – My partner found my blog and asked me to stop posting.

November 2008

August/September: New GP, New Meds… – Catch-up post: New GP, Citalopram.

September 9th: The Bridge… – Catch-up post: Aborted suicide attempt.

September: Caffeine Crisis… – Catch-up post: Overdose, A&E and Crisis Team.

September/October: Meet the shrink… – Catch-up post: Referral to Dr G at The Priory.

October 4th: Tell the parents… – Catch-up post: Telling my parents.

October 7th: Into the hospital… – Catch-up post: Admission to The Priory.

November 4th: Out of the hospital… – Catch-up post: Discharge from The Priory.

February 2009

Bad to worse… – Heading for relapse.

Opted out… – Suicide attempt, readmission to The Priory.

March 2009

In for a shock… – Starting ECT

April 2009

A label… – Second opinion, diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder, referral to CMHT.

A little shaky… – Transfer to the NHS, Depakote.

May 2009

Typical NHS… – CMHT assessment.

June 2009

Yo-yo… – Rapid cycling, relationship difficulties, DLA.

Sexuality… – Bisexuality and mental health, acceptance.

July 2009

Strange appointment… – Dr G and my parents.

Trichotillomania… – Trich, meeting my CMHT social worker.

Not so good… – Relationship issues.

August 2009

Anger… – Agitation, aggression and violence.

Disappearing posts… – Work, being signed off, ESA.

September 2009

Tiresome… – Mood Disorder Research, denial, social worker.

Creative Remedies… – Starting Creative Remedies.

NHS Psychiatrist… – First appointment with CMHT psychiatrist.

ESA Medical… – ESA Work Capability Assessment, hypomania.

Pathways to Work… – Pathways to Work, ESA, disability, stigma.

Discharge… – Discharge from The Priory, Dr G.

October 2009

No More Driving… – My driving license is revoked.

November 2009

Stream of Conciousness… – Creative Remedies, maintaining a front, anonymity and sexuality.

Recovery, Scoring and ESA… – How ill am I? PHQ9, BDI and ESA.

The ECT Experience… – Reflecting on my experience of ECT.

Waste of Time… – Seeing Dr D again.

December 2009

EAP Therapy… – EAP Counselling.

Back in Time… – Seeing DP again.

Face the Music… – Medication compliance, or lack of it.

Backlash… – Impact of mental illness on my relationship and blogging.

January 2010

Am I Being Fair…? – More on the impact on relationships and blogging.

So Back Here Again… – Hospitalisation.

So… – Being an inpatient, psychiatrists.

Day 5… – Inpatient stay, ward round, care co-ordinator.

Bombshell… – Ward round, change of diagnosis, Bipolar Disorder, BPD, Dr N.

Found Again… – My blog is found by my NHS team.

February 2010

Discharged… – Discharge from hospital, Dr M, Crisis Team.

March 2010

Diagnonsense… – Diagnosis, depression, personality disorder, Dr M, Dr N, NPD.

Distressing Diagnosis… – Diagnosis, personality disorder, NPD, Dr M.

A little clarification… – More on diagnonsense.

Busy, Busy, Busy… – Occupational Health.

April 2010

Reboxetine… – Reboxetine, side effects, recovery.

June 2010

Limbo… – Recovery, mood.

On my own… – Care co-ordinator, Occupational Health, recovery.

Social Work & Work Social… – Care co-ordinator, work.

September 2010

Back for now… – Blogging hiatus.

Dr Occy Health… – Occupational Health, work.

Therapy Non-Assessment… – NHS Therapy – or rather lack of.

October 2010

Therapy Update… – Second therapy assessment appointment.

8mg… – Relapse, appointment with Dr M, increased Reboxetine dose.

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Monday, 24th August 2009 at 12:19 am

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  1. Thankyou so much for that – I’ve just spent a couple of hours reading all the posts. I feel like I know you much better now.

    Its quite depressing that the thing that has struck me the most is the speed at which you have been given services. Like, from GP to Priory, to therapy. Amazing. Or perhaps it just illustrates how shockingly show the NHS is.

    Stay Safe

    Crazy Nurse

    Tuesday, 8th September 2009 at 6:13 am

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    NHS Psychiatrist… « Into the system…

    Tuesday, 22nd September 2009 at 12:14 pm

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